3 weeks have passed since the official launching date of 10 Rumah Aman earlier this month. The application has been downloaded and used by more than 50 thousand users. It is aiming to increase the awareness of Indonesian people by giving out the latest information about Covid-19, which includes how to handle the virus and provide it with services that could help yourself and others not to spread this virus.

Moreover, on April 22nd, Almira Shinantya, Managing Director of DMID got the opportunity to appear at Halo Indonesia DAAI TV alongside with Arief B Hardono, Key Experts from Executive Office of The President (KSP) to briefly talk about 10 Rumah Aman, about its purposes and strategy. “We already know from the beginning that cooperation and togetherness is the key or the core of this application hence while the campaign is being executed, we did not only focus in explaining its functionality but also highlighting its value” added by Almira

 In the application, it is provided with many movements that aim to move individuals or community both offline and online. The fact that the application has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times, it’s very positive results since the application has to be able to cover all levels of society and age group. Hence, we can unite our strength to fight against one common enemy, Covid-19. “It’s such a bright achievement to get in just 3 weeks, however, it’s only the beginning of our goals and we believe that together we can win against the pandemic” closed by Almira