10 Rumah Aman is an application that provides the preventive measure in dealing with the COVID-19 wherein its realization, DM ID alongside with Executive Office of The President (KSP) and Kemkominfo is listed as one of the collaborators in developing the application. The application was launched on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 and the launching ceremony talks were brought by Dr. Moeldoko as the Head of Executive Office of The President and Johnny G Plate as the Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

The objective of the application is to encourage people to stay at home and stay healthy during the pandemic of COVID-19. Also, the app was created to show togetherness through safe actions in order to show empathy, especially for those who are in need of nutrition and wellness. On top of that users are equipped on how to face COVID-19 by closely monitoring their condition as well as other people’s, and through the application users also provided with an AI-based self-health check technology to support them into getting their independent check-up.

The development of 10 Rumah Aman application is aligned with the aspiration and vision of DM ID. We are determined to give any support to help our country, Indonesia especially during this critical time