Spot on and intriquing nationalism essence, short words but impactful upon improving work spirit. A noble philosophy because BJTI PORT indeed is connecting the life of the nation in Port Service sector. Suitable essence to position BJTI PORT as a “pulse” company that plays an important role to the nation. BJTI PORT rebranding project has been wonderfully made by DM ID. Not only the logo, but also everything that has to do with visual systems (e.g logo, icon, etc) are made beautifully and conveying the BJTI PORT identity perfectly. Adopting dynamic philosophy font selection, thoughtful flexible color palette, including logo configuration to maintain our consistency in logo application throughout the entire material. Very good photography and brand applications direction, to ease the implementation. All in all in principal we are very satisfied by DM ID’s rebranding program.
Putut Sri Muljanto
President Director
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