Our brand Achilles was constructed at the same time our company was reborn with a new name and new management. Since then, we have been awarded many time as the best performing Indonesian tire company. We have been growing 10th folds and became the fastest growing tire company in the world. The enormous progress represents the trust, loyalty and care our our customers which is established through our brand Achilles. Our new brandmark Achilles reflects the continuous improvement of our technology in producing best quality tires. We build our brand through trust, satisfaction, loyalty which in the end will produce brand evangelists. None of these can be established if we do not uphold our quality that communicates directly to the needs of our customer. For this purpose simply we need a platform to communicate and interact intimately with our customer. That platform is our brand, Achilles. We export our product to more than 75 countries all over the world. Our brand is penetrating the global market. It is an achievable task yet lies many competitors or giants ahead. Our new dynamic, focus, and strong presence are personified into the newly focused designed of Achilles by DM ID. Our friends at DM ID has been instrumental in deciphering our personalities into the new brandmark. The new brandmark of Achilles was globally accepted by our customer all over the world. It represents simply our cutting edge technology in producing tire to be a leader the global market.
Mr. Wayah S. Wiroto
Achilles Radial
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