Prior to our country transformation, few people want to come and experience our country. Only few people knew where and what to do in Myanmar. Some only knew about previous military government. When our nation decided to change and opens to the world, we feel we need a strong foundation that will establish as a strong and powerful Nation Brand. That is where DMID comes about. After a thoughtful consideration we decided to appoint DMID in creating a message, stories, and powerful identity that will reflect our pride and spirit of Myanmar People. And so they deliver, we launched our Nation Brand in World Economic Forum in Nay Pyi Taw and received positive acclamation. Where we can see the message covered in every international news channel, such as CNN, BBC, Channel News Asia, and so on. Throughout the year, I am satisfied and amazed with the delivery of DM ID in every touch points of our international campaign. Thus I feel, with their work given to us from creating the concept, designing the amazing identity, and consultations, they deserve the international recognition for their works.
Dr. Tin Aung Lynn
Chief International
Myanmar Tourism Federation
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